Jake Whitten


I am Jake Whitten and I’m a technical SEO specialist based in Brisbane - Australia, with a background in web development and analytics. Originally from Devon in the UK, I started to develop and build websites straight out of school from the age of 16. After moving to Manchester, I have been lucky enough to gain vital experience which has allowed me to specialise in Technical SEO.

In 2016 I moved from Manchester down to London, during this time it allowed me to work on some of the biggest brands across the globe. Working with big brands and absolutely loving the challenge of getting results.

At the end of 2017, I made the move to Brisbane, working with Wavemaker (MEC), I am again lucky to be working with some awesome clients and brands.

Growing up in Devon does mean that I am often found in shorts and flip flops, and now enjoying the Australian sunshine.

Outside of SEO, I am often found programming, trying to increase my web development skills. Away from computers, I enjoy playing football, skateboarding and trying to be a drone pilot.

Any questions, get in touch.

me (at) jakewhitten.co.uk